Face To Face

Face To Face short poem

Photo by Grégory Tonon

I’ve come for walk early today.
It’s not dawn yet. But don’t worry!

In the park, on reaching the banyan tree,
It came out- an indistinct figure- dark, with
…Terrible fangs! Hairy body! Fiery eyes!

At one go, I moved a few steps back.
Am I…, yes, it’s there, standing still!
Staggering, powerless, dead-headed, I saw
There’s no one else around! An empty gulp.
My trembling hands reached the gun.

Opened the eyes at home to find
My body weak, a leg plastered!
How did the bullet hit my leg?
My eyes went to the window;
Wha…What…! Oh, nooo…!

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Alapan Roy Chowdhury

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I am an amateur researcher. I'm currently working as a lecturer in English. Poetry is one of my passions! I have been composing poems since 2008.
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Chandrama Deshmukh

A thrilling read though a poet’s note could help.
Sometimes a poem grips you and you want to know more.


We all have a bit of it in us to fight every day. I am glad you added a bit about your poem as it has made
the image so clear. I enjoyed the way you depicted that part in us.

ammu sachariah

Good poem. I enjoyed it.


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