Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane short poem

Down memory lane
I traveled,
at the first
of endless street
I met
almond eyes
dimpled cheeks
silk soft tresses
My First Poem

further down
at the second
nostalgic charm
lyrical beauty
simple smile
My Second Poem
had me ENSLAVED!!

at the third
a bud
bloomed into
a flower
fragrant love
My Third Poem
— a bud, a flower!!!

I turned the corner
ventured into the
sing song street
loving memories
of the first words,
the first smile
…the fourth poem
–The First Touch!

reveries of times spend
dreams weaved together
holding hands
in dark movie halls
…of cold coke
sipped from one bottle
of silent, sweet
seconds spent
watching the sunset!!

reminiscence of
the walk
in the rain
under an umbrella
wet, cold
in each other’s clasp!!

…an embrace
in the sober
of a dance floor
music, steps,
the first clumsy
on her toes!!!

the excitement
of the first kiss
in the library
between tall cupboards
of Shakespeare and

down memory lane
my present poem!!!

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19 Comments on "Down Memory Lane"

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Savi Mani

Awesome beauty of a poem, as beautiful as the image, reading this poem the reader is taken back down memory lane and relives along with the poet those wonderful moments of youthful days, those memories which can never be erased from our heart, those moments which happened long time back yet as fresh as it happened few days back, wonderful poem and as i said before Viswas has an unique style of his own …..keep it up,

Randall Smith

It was like you took us all on a walk with you and let us see and feel what you did. Enjoyed the trip.

Chandrama Deshmukh

This is truly being in love with your poetry.
Such a charming piece!
Stay in love 🙂


Loved it just loved it a poetry walk down memory lane. Very clever I thought.

ammu sachariah

Wonderful poem. Waiting for the next step.

Ayndrilla Ghosh

Nicely described your poetic journey.

Laya Sarath

Awww that so lovely… 🙂

Geetha Paniker

That’s a beautiful string to go down the memory lane.

Nikita Mehendiratta

How unique. Beautiful journey down the memory lane to meet a poet and his poetry.


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