Trust prose poem

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Have you felt it?
Little foetus feeling safe and secure
Sometimes agitated and fidgeting

This to be human
will join the race
Satisfy family-give unconditional love
Obey religion-work without expectations
Tolerate politics-be loyal and patriotic

I could hear the foetus now
“Ma, how blissful I am in you
your love and care, warmth and peace
my perfect comfort zone..
‘Trust’ must be you?”

It’s cruel to be honest, yet I did
“you will be chucked out in a few moths
your first betrayal, perhaps reality-Birth”
In the money making marathon,
life unlocks a series of betrayals
Jealousy in brotherhood
Treachery in friendship
Expectations from sweetheart
Even I will always want you to be a little more perfect
Am I ‘Trust’? couldn’t be
It’s probably
assumption that expires
virtue that is hunted
Or just
Kindness to be GIVEN if you could.

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Chandrama Deshmukh

Such truth in this poem!
Where been born is considered a blessing, the irony of it often strikes me.
Shaping them to perfection is the worse thing one that do to a naturally growing human being.
Let our kids be amazed by the moon and not bother about grades.
Let them dive into passion without having to explain themselves.
Let them live without inhibitions.


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