Dawn Wings

Dawn Wings short poem

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Dawn wings glistened in the sun and the rain
A story just rainbows can really explain,
When silence is much more than the lacking of sound
More an image of beauty that seeks to be found
Where the sky meets the sea and the sea meets the land
Such unwritten poetry can understand
That as dawn wings flap silently in the clear air
There is so much to treasure, and so much to share.

Miniscule moments on light winds that sing
Give a hush filled remembrance of all that they bring,
Like when grey skies crack open and cascade their blue
Over Spring floral whispers so long overdue,
As streams waken up and go chuckling along
To be part of Spring’s lesson and part of its song,
The grass glows with emeralds of dream scattered green
For Spring is forever a born again scene.

While the psalms of forever drift as they beguile
Over meadows and leas with their eternal smile,
As the green leaves of Summer from branches burst forth
While the last strains of Winter crawl off to the north,
There’s a carnival overture wakened from sleep
That sings of warm dreams and of wishes to keep,
Though the dawn wings are weary, they glow in the sun
Still so many gold moments before day is done…

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2 Comments on "Dawn Wings"

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Chandrama Deshmukh

After a long long time, here comes a poem that talks beyond love and death and relationships.
I love the way you have started this poem and built it up thought by thought.
Your poetry has a lot of potential. Keep giving words to your thoughts. Waiting to read more.


This is a most beautiful poem I am so glad I got to read this first thing. Leaves me with a
peaceful feeling to start my day. You have done well (elderly gnome)


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