Her First Smile

Her First Smile short poem

Suddenly it so happened

Our vision collided….

A pause for a moment

Like it had stuck in time…

You stood there only for second

But it seemed to last forever…

Snapping into reality

You kept on walking on…

Dumbfounded I stood there

Following you with my eyes…

And then I saw you smile

Through the mirror on the corner shop…

I don’t know what’s going on

Life just seems so uneven…

I can’t even tell if you’ll love me too

But I just have to let you know…

I will bring neither star

Nor get gold for you…

Its just love and

Loves all that I have for you….!

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Rocean Sharma

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Life has its hardships, But it goes on.. doesn't wait for anything, nor lets memories be easily gone...! Poems are the only way, to let all the feelings out... to seek for the meaning, that everyone is talking about...!! So enjoy life, and enjoy the poems... and embrace life, no matter what comes...!!
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5 Comments on "Her First Smile"

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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Time in love is stuck to stillness. It seems eternity before a kiss would lay.

Iram fatima
Iram fatima


Kavita Jain

beautiful words

Himanshu Bageshara

Pure intense feel put through! Keep up the good work, Captain! 🙂


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