On Single Mother

On Single Mother short poem

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She is the mother and she is the father
She is the teacher she is the preacher
She is her child’s best friend
Never allowing him to feel
Her own life has come to an end
Bringing up her child she forgets her own pain
She knows this time will pass too
and strength she will gain
yet deep within herself like any other woman
she yearns for the love of a man
but bringing up her child is her only aim
never caring for her own self
never caring for her own name
she did not know where she got all the strength
praying each night for her child she never loses her faith
it’s said God could not be everywhere so HE created mother
HE too perhaps did not know how HIS own form has to suffer

Poet’s Note
A single mother faces all the challenges which life throws at her, living in the man’s world like a man, being father and mother both for her child. NO one could she pain borne by her beyond her smiling mask. My salute to all those single mothers who held their head high and maintain their dignity, against all adversities they have to face in life.

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12 Comments on "On Single Mother"

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Viswas Menon

@savi_mani……yes …you have brought out the challenges of a single mother ….so wonderfully….all mothers sacrifice a lot for their children….but single mothers do double the sacrifice than the others….her life revolves around her child and even after the child is independent she continues to live for the child …..because for her the child is always a child…

salutations to all mothers …especially single moms…


ramakrishnan chatakondu

It just takes a few seconds to comment about the pain of a lifetime..….…how cruel I am….…god forgive me….


I salute these mothers too. In your short poem you have mapped out the life of dedicated single mums all over the world.

ammu sachariah

Your feeling about a single mother is well expressed .While bringing up a child, she forgets all her pains and focus only at the smile on the face of that child.


True quotes..Well expressive piece..Great work..Salute for the single mom’s..They truly never let her child to feel vacant..Forgetting her life she only cares for her child and tries all means to keep her child happy..The dreams and aim of her child becomes her own..She hides her tears and never do you see her sad for sacrificing her own life..The child’s smile and achievements are the only happiness she wants from life and Lord…

Shreya Das



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