Not Far Away From Today

Not Far Away From Today short poem

Not far away from today,

Awaits a distant future…

But at what price we move,

Hurting mother nature….!

Waging wars for nothing,

Slaughtering innocent souls…

Just to entertain,

Our mindless goals…!!

Shame on you – oh humanity,

For being so selfish…

Destroying almost everything,

Just for your own wish…!!!

Being wise may be a good thing,

But practicality is always lacking…

Everyone speaks of changing,

But action should be seen…!!

If this lasts any long,

What price do we pay…

We all will have to cry,

Not far away from today…!

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Rocean Sharma

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Life has its hardships, But it goes on.. doesn't wait for anything, nor lets memories be easily gone...! Poems are the only way, to let all the feelings out... to seek for the meaning, that everyone is talking about...!! So enjoy life, and enjoy the poems... and embrace life, no matter what comes...!!
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Stark poem of the future yet to come—unless people unite.
Sad world we live in at the moment for sure,


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