The Lonely Earth

Why is everyone so alone at night?
The light that was everywhere just minutes before,
Condenses into small balls of fire
at the corner of the road.
Beggars stop and cars leave,
Crime happens and nobody screams.
Boisterous and over-working class,
tired of hours and hours of hard-
work, work their way out of the dark,
Gulping their loneliness and counting their scars.

World misses the noise
of the scholars’ mystifying minds
as they best take a rest
from the ugly thoughts into the night.

Wealthy, lonely businessmen,
who met dignitaries through the day
In the black, willingly lose theirs
to harlots and their kind.

And it is at this time,
that fascination of physicists
finds their way through telescopes
in a bid to desperately prove,
That in this unfathomable darkness,
in this reality of non-twinkling little stars,
the Lonely Earth is not left alone
to exist, however be the distance large.

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2 Comments on "The Lonely Earth"

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I liked your poem and felt the loneliness too. LIke earth itself surrounded by planets we too can be surrounded by people and still be lonely too.


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