Leftover Conversations

Leftover Conversations long poem

What is left to come across?

everything seems to be lying open

fatefully exposed

before i could reach.

Potbellied realities

were reluctant to change

they seemed to retire

with confusions of shadows and full stops.

There seems to be

so many footsteps leading to seclusion

no longer was it an unknown shore

where waves were oblivious

to the manuscripts they left behind

Isolation was a printout

from a computer terminal

even expanses were trimmed fingernails

Nothing seemed to hold on

to the unknown

Discovery had burnt its fingers

with over used realizations

Discovery possessed no mystery

To conceal with

the blunt side of the neon

The childhood hideouts

became exhibition centers

a trading place of values

the prices of guitars

did not form revolutions anymore

while there was this advent

of ‘being instant’

it was a nerve

A disorder

which kept evolving

to maintain me

‘being instant’ was a doctrine

there was no time for insights to take place

‘being instant’

was finding completion

in every aspect

i could feel hear or see

‘Being instant’ was a civil code

a thought provider

All those arguments

for whom and for why

Oh Master

i have come to you once again

Several times i have awoken

at your feet

without wisdom

several times

i have been left

with hollowness as my guide

Master give me the roots

to plant within me

or give me the feeling

left by the hesitation of adolescent rains

Even pretense

has assumed a glow

it has become an identity

with an outlandish name

how far will i have to travel

before i really find

perhaps i guess

i will never know

He smiled

and watched me in the eye

lying naked

my inner being

in front of me

was i dead or alive

in this life

this reincarnation

was an infant of me

why has he left me with my birth?

It was about to stir

and come alive

how could he do this?

before i knew

the answers were breathing

within me

filling up all the empty spaces

that i managed to exist with

The last frontier is yourself

and that reasons

were never followers

while logic was a madness

and caution..

will not become a society..

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3 Comments on "Leftover Conversations"

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Rocean Sharma

Wow.. that was awesome…!!

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

An enlightened rhapsody. Good work.



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