Stardust long poem

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After the pain, some wrath, and more tears
Woke up from the trance, which seemed like years
The volatile love vaporized to steam
Was pinched by reality, out of the pipe dream

My heart’d stopped beating and broken apart
Residing in me as bits and shards
Replete with emotions, could take no more
With every single breath, my wounds were getting sore

Had effaced all hues, colors from my life
Now I saw the world in black and white
Somehow moved on with a lesson to be learned
The more you use your heart, the more it’ll burn

On a hot banal day, all clumsy and slow
A glimpse of an angel left me in awe
Had a pearly white skin, with a dab of pink
Bewitched by her beaut, unable to blink
The wind blown hair caressing her face
Embellished with charm and eternal grace

Was left transfixed by her hypnotic smile
Her eyes had mastered my senses, my mind
A thump in my chest, my heart started to beat
Felt a sudden chill in the summer heat

Tried being callous, but everything in vain
The cupid I feared had struck me again
I smiled at her, my involuntary knack
She moved away, but cared to smile back

Smitten by an angel, couldn’t sleep that night
Kept gazing at the stars, distant and bright
Darkness was erased by the first solar beam
But I was still living the star spangled dream

The very next day, ambling down the aisle
Dazzled by her sight, her amorous smile
As I walked down to her and broke the ice
She was indeed shy and talked with her eyes

We started sharing our secrets, our lives
‘twas soon she became the apple of my eye
We had endless talks and sleepless nights
Her sugary voice, such phonic delight

Her face got engraved in my eyes, my nerves
Was being tantalized to the lake of love
She entered my heart that was left ajar
Had scribbled her name on the shooting stars

On a dusky walk, in a cool cunning breeze
Heavens were surely in a mood of mischief
As darkness cloaked the sky, the lightning struck
She grasped my hand tight, were the gods at work

The paradisal touch sent jitters through my skin
Was indeed loving nature’s blissful whims
In the barrage of showers, I lost, I won
That night I got drenched in more ways but one

Doused in stardust, I found my soulmate
She had to learn this before it was late
As I walked to her, ‘twas the longest yard
Presented forth a carmine crystal heart

She looked into my eyes, hit me point blank
Hearing the words I feared, my heart just sank
I was just a good friend, she could entrust
Labored my smile midst the fading stardust

As my hands trembled, the crystal broke
The feelings, emotions ended in smoke
I felt castrated, fell onto the earth
Was accompanied by despair and dearth

Had erased her name from my life, my mind
Deserted myself from everyone’s find
A hundred calls from her, none returned
My heart was afire, her memories burned

One day I heard a knock at the door
The angel was there, all sallow and sore
Tears gushed from her eyes, then a slap to my face
And following it was a warm embrace

She struck my weak chords, I yielded my defeat
As we came closer, could sense her heartbeats
Sealed her lips with my own, our breaths got hushed
And silence prevailed amidst the stardust

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