Knock knock whose there? He asked
Me, the blind man. Came the response.
And where from? Asked another, from the catacombs
that covered years of deaths and solitude, in caskets of not so forgotten years.
From the depths of reason and equations. He answered.
Where then? And why are you blind? Asked a dim voice
that laid asleep within its dark encased sarcophagus.
Well, it laughed. That’s because I asked too much
and was forced not to see and not to think with my eyes.
But then, I smell and perceive when the sun has lapsed.
Because then, when I feel the sun go down all is quiet
within my blindness for me to judge and proclaim
what is to be seen within my nose that smells.
Ahh… the other sighs.

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I sometimes use the pen name mina.laksh. I live between Mumbai and Nigeria and writing is a passion I can't seem to let go! Some short stories and poems have been published in literary magazines and some on line. A few: • Circle of Poets USA. (Edition 2004) ‘The howling wind’. • Literary Magazine, LEAVES (Bangalore base) first issue 2004, ‘Midnight dreams with dragon fly' • Cyberwit's international journal, (first edition 2004) anthology of International contemporary literature ‘It’s not happening’ • (mina laksh) (A literary magazine based in Canada) • the firstcut #2 & #3 (A literary magazine from Ireland) Have been an art curator promoting up and coming contemporary artists and until recently was a teacher in an I.B school in Nigeria. Jazz and opera are my boosters when I write. Just have to listen to music and hey I'm a "Pucca Bombay walli"
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16 Comments on "Conversations"

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Siraj Mamatraillath

Your poem reads very well. I like the conversational tone of voice that hints at things not expressed. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Andrew Provan McIntyre

Great poem,like the style of it.A bit of mystery mixed in with suspense. Intruiging liked the imagery conveyed.

asoke kumar mitra

excellent write. the style and imagery are superb.

Poet Taiwo Ayodeji Gbolagade

Death is an uninvited guest, it comes not because of food but to claim the soul of the owner.This is a poem that talked about the misery of life. Death comes unknowingly which is symbolised by the blindness of the one speaking. Nice and touching poem. Thank you for sharing it.

Deepak Janardhan

Good attempt at using the conversational style in your poem.

Viswas Menon

good work…very imaginative

Funkekeme Akposeye

well written, great style, loved it!


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