On Cowards And The ‘ice’

On Cowards And The ice short poem

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I was happy communicating with them
I was happy unknowingly indulging in their own game
Happy on being appreciated
Happy on being accoladed
Felt each of them close to my heart
Sharing things mutually though being miles apart

In for a shock when the doors were shut for me
while others knew the axe would one day fall on me
I paid the penalty for being truthful all the way
while they all knew the truth would hurt them anyway

I should have known as someone had said
No coward can be a friend of the truth
They live in the kingdom of lie

Now I am again happy but with a different reason
Happy that I have been able to come out of this treason
Happy that I am now not a part of this ugly game
Happy that I am now not a part of the deceptive fame
With wings stretched to fly again
I am now en-route to a better horizon
Setting my target beyond those glittering stars
Erasing, leaving behind those ugly scars

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10 Comments on "On Cowards And The ‘ice’"

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Viswas Menon

Well written….very expressive ….

Ramapriya Nr

@Dear Savi ji,
I can see the pain in your poem. Good that the ugly face has been exposed and the bird is now set free to fly. It is very very difficult to breath and live in a suffocated environment. A very emotionally written poem. keep going…


I liked the theme of the poem. It happens all the time. There are two ways of handling it. One you chose. The other fight the system from within.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

It needs little bit of guts and enormous love for oneself to clear the wounds caused by a back-stab…
The journey will be tough but not impossible ………
Soon god will send his angels to repair the lost -faith………
………His reward for standing by the truth even during the most difficult times .

ammu sachariah

If we are away from the ‘Ugly game’ of the world, we can be happy. Well written poem.


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