Am I…

Am I... short poem

Am I tired of this life,

Or of words that are as lethal as knife.

Am I tired of being used,

Or upset with emphatic abuse.

Am I tired of being strong,

Or disgusted with the blames of wrong.

Am I tired of the word love,

Or the cruel intention they glove.

Am I crying in vain,

Or is it heart bleeding pain.

Am I this person who I have become,

Or have betrayals made me into one.

Fake smiles and wet eyes,

Are they my companions till the end of time.

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6 Comments on "Am I…"

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Archana Sharma

Beautiful expression of pain….

Abhi J

touching! very well penned.

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Questions about the self have pervaded the minds of the Philosophers of old. Even in these modern times, the self is still a mystery to contend with, amidst the new technology employed to unravel it. And add to it love, or the lack of it, the question becomes an enigma. Thought-provoking poem.


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