Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After short poem

A few rough years we have left behind,

Of fears, frustration, fights, just blind.

Patience is what I needed to teach myself,

A very difficult challenge in spite of myself.

But as patience started to shine on through,

My husband was also starting to improve.

Showing the feelings of love from inside.

Things he usually would want to hide.

My being patient gave him more room,

That our marriage would take to bloom.

For the love that he did begin to show,

Inspired more love each day to grow.

Our love for each other now is strong,

Simply because we admitted our wrong.

Then desires took on the roll of action.

If we did not, our joy would be a fraction.

So, You too can look inside your heart,

At where you might have desire to start.

Evolving your relationship towards the best,

Then in happily ever after we all can rest.

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KS Kearns

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Writer, Poet, Artist. I am here for the chance of sharing my talents with people so they can enjoy my work. I have one book of poems, photography and paintings that is published, "Rambling Random Rhythms: A Book of Poems". I love being creative and I am excited to encourage others as well.
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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Enjoyable read. Marriage surely needs some effort make it work.

Iram fatima
Iram fatima

Yes a lovely read and simple truth told beautifully.


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