I Too Wanna Live…

I too wanna live…

I’m tired of eyes that look but don’t see
They pierce remembering the undressed me
Numerous stares taunt my erased purity
But they don’t see the soul of me.

A painful experience I’ve locked up inside
An embarrassing gaze follows nowhere to hide
No-one seems to understand
Was just a toy in time’s hand.

Before the mighty beasts I was weak
Evil surrounded, had no place to sneak
I cried, pleaded, tried to fight
Monsters don’t melt by an innocent’s plight.

Robbed I’m off my most valued treasure
Broken, devastated beyond measure
Do I always have to face the shame?
Or can I have my dignity reclaimed?

Someday, someway I’ll cross this maze
The world for me will be a better place
Even though the world today isn’t fantasized
Will accept; “A victim’s heart is always sanitized”

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Sumanta Fernandes

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Resident of Goa. Am an Arts graduate. Working in a Real Estate Company as a Personal Secretary. Love reading love stories. Am sweet to people I like and bad to people I hate...A mirror of your actions
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Chand Ashish

Deepest thoughts …superbly put ….
O! God’s Child …. just stay put ….
You will swim across to the world of Across ….
Your strength will be not measurable by the Gross …
God Bless You ……
Keep writing ……


this poem shows the inner most sorrows of an innocent angel and i really love it


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