Tiger: The Grandeur Of The Jungle

From nose tip to tail end,
is the eleven-foot-cat,
the Tiger-the largest among
big cats in the wild.

A cat of extra-ordinary beauty-
whose second double name is:
power and strength;
Tiger-identify by dark-vertical stripes-
usually individualized pattern
on a-white-brown-tawny
is perhaps, the only prince and
prodigy of the jungle.

Tiger! Tiger!! Tiger!!!
Most elusive cat in the jungle-
with a pretext look,
is constantly disaffirm by its-
dangerously calculative steps.
A ferocious animal
that hides its aggressive traits
until provoked,
and once nettled-
the jungle becomes corybantic.

A cat with personalized coats
that help it camouflage
in surroundings similar to its colors,
which makes attack on prey
unquestionably easy.

Tiger known by surprise
rear attack from its hide out,
always goes for a big hunt,
but won’t initiate pursuit-
where eye-to-eye contact
is already established.

Tiger-the swimmer,
animal with thermoregulation-
a rare feature to keep
body temperature in check
after strenuous engagements.

Animal of unusual features,
endowed with papillae-
a double function body part-
a tongue protective covering and
a toothed instrument to confine hair.
Very rare, yes-its saliva-has
antiseptic properties to cure, heal, and
manage wounds.

A solitary animal,
that satisfies sexual needs
through flehmen and
scent marking;
animal whose sexual organ
and exploits still bemuse humans
to this day.

Animal of uncommon intellect-
identify by short term memory,
several times longer than man-
even better than dogs and other
handiwork of brain synapses,
tiger forgets less,
but remembers more.

A very ambitious,
but radically territorial-
it sprays urine to map out
mark trees and trails with
dungeon to define hunting and
living abode.

Animal of multiple sounds,
as it roars-so it moans;
known by chuffing and
just to deceive and lure prey
in the wild.

Will mankind,
allow the prince of jungle
go extinct?
Shall we allow the
rainbow of the jungle
go extinct without traces?

All men and women of
goodwill around the globe-
may you shout in unison:
Let Tiger live!

Let the elegant and
prodigy of-
Southeast Asia live!

Let the grandeur of
Indochinese and
Korea survive.
Siberia-let this cat of
special make-LIVE.

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Silas O. Abayomi

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Communication expert, education researcher, pollster, gender/physically challenged advocacy, linguist, poet, and a writer.
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A wonderful poem and sentiments and yes LET THE TIGER LIVE I shout from the hill tops.


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