Capitalism And The Rest Of Mankind

Capitalism And The Rest Of Mankind long poem

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What they told us about Capitalism:
We were told capitalism creates wealth,
we were told capitalism brings the
best in man, and
with it, individual’s potentials
are certainly attainable;
we were told individual dreams and
aspirations easily come to fruition
in a capitalist society

Before now, we were informed-
capitalism defeats poverty,
enthrones prosperity;
in time long past,
we were always reminded-
capitalism-is the only vehicle to-
the Promised Land;
more so, the only key
to man secured future.

Even to this day,
we receive daily sermon:
“no alternative to capitalism”-
the sceptre of liberty,
the staff of freedom, and
the sword of justice;
day-by-day, media keep us focussed:
no capitalism, no tomorrow for man.

Continuously, capitalism’s
four assumed siblings-
peace, prosperity, freedom, and
liberty- have become a
permanent campaign
catchphrase and slogan;
a false claim sold to hoodwink
hemlock, they forced down
people’s throat.

The Sad Reality of Capitalism
in today’s World:

Capitalism-a perfected tool of servitude-
servitude of international magnitude,
servitude without borders;
mace in hands of political gladiators,
instrument of oppression in hands of
merchants without conscience.

A subjugation apparatus of greed
in mammon controlled world,
a look-good-tool in society where
mind is psychologically re-configured.

A double edged sword,
that establishes and sustains
class division among
haves and have nots;
a well-designed scheme meant
to “rob Peter to pay Paul.”

The Future of Capitalism and Man:

Now with ease, the world is within reach
daily, artificial and natural barriers are
given way;
controlling world wealth by
powerful few is-
becoming simpler, easier, and
faster than before.

Will liberation theology help in
this matter?
Turning pulpits or lecterns
to campaign fora on evils
of capitalism-will it save matter?
Will social gospel provides
lasting solution-by turning
issues of social injustice-
into a moral force?

Will world leaders ever budge?
Will human rights, social justice
perhaps, global socio-political
bodies help?
Only time will tell-
what more harm-capitalism and
their exponents will cause

However, time is running OUT
for a concept and system without
“human face,” human heart,
touch of kindness;
a non-giving, but rather
a receiving human created concept-
that has no human personality.

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Silas O. Abayomi

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Communication expert, education researcher, pollster, gender/physically challenged advocacy, linguist, poet, and a writer.
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