You Matter

You Matter short poem

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You look up at the night sky with those sad, swollen eyes of yours.

Closing your hands, you place them over your heart, and
you tilt your head up towards the stars.

There’s so many of them. You observe an endless number within the dark abyss that you gaze upon.

It makes you wonder…

You wonder if you really even matter among the billions of beings that live on this earth. You wonder if anyone would even care if you vanished.

Here’s the truth;
you do.
You matter.
and people would care.
Boy…would they care!

You may not matter to everyone, or even to the ones you want to matter to.
But, if you matter to yourself, you’ll be just fine – I swear.

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Makaylah Downs

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I am currently just a 17 year old, senior in high school, who uses poetry as an outlet for the good and the bad of my reality. I write to forget and I write to remember. I'm inspired by so many things, whether it be music, lyrics, poetry, stories, or experiences of mine or others. I just hope that one day my poetry can speak to someone the way many poets works have spoken to me. With that being said, I hope you guys enjoy my poems!
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8 Comments on "You Matter"

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Pranav Jeet Singh Tanwar

And you matter too Makaylah! Very beautiful and inspiring poem !

Prajvi Mandhani

lovely poem !

ammu sachariah

Lovely poem. “You Matter” to every one if you have the confidence in you.

Savi Mani

Lovely poem dear, yes dear first of all you matter to yourself, being yourself and then automatically you matter to others, …….keep it up ….all the best in life


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