Children Of The River

Children Of The River long poem

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Tides starts to rise, ripped up by the currents;
The birth, snuggled to keep up, tenacious children;
Ripples fretted the body, filling, reaching;
Stream of water, lowly creeps, lulls to the hollow bed,
Trust forth and flow in the rivers of life;
Transparent, sparkling, sound and sweet air;
Fleeting moments, the boats must go now;
Paddles stir quickly, a child of toil sat, listened long;
The water is radiant, feels amniotic;
Cast the nets, let the bamboo cages submerge;
Flex the patriarchal knee; lower the hand that reaches for food;
Glide smoothly without the harshness, in the exhilaration of day;
The ebb tide draw nigh, eye affixed in wonder;
Flux nature of good tidings, toward the ridge of earth;
Rapid flow stretching to a clear horizon;
Rivulet so broad, inviting, shimmering with hope;
Teeming, shrivelled crustaceans,
Slender, cheerful appear,
Articulation of the carapace, curled up in sidelong gait;
Sturdy fins eked out in oviparity;
Abstruse moment of speculation, an awesome sight;
Such a gruelling day, prime orb still sets in;
Burb row in deep whirlpools, treacherous shallows;
Children of the river, breeches engrossed in mud;
Feet embraced by sediments, oared by laboring arms;
Twilight seeps into the groove, water descends from clouds;
The moon is up, midnight shadows basked in rhythm;
Gather strength, soft courage, joined vigor of a life;
God is the refuge, angels hover above;
Morn unfolds, bright rays flash to the sensible horizon;
River, run in distant infinity, bring into life, joy, felicity;
The rock of love, drift with tides, anchor in adversity;
Everything remains, a sweet refrain of memory;

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I am 38 years old, married and a mother of three kids, all girls. I am working as a clerk in a tertiary school. I am a licensed teacher, English major.
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