Love Forever

Love Forever short poem

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You and me
Two different entities
Each bound by our own creations
Yet our love has made us one.
Two souls became one
Without any differentiation
We carry our life
Like the two banks of the same river
Never meeting each other.
Walking on our individual path
Our destiny deciding the course of our life
Even before our time had begun
We will continue to walk
On the path life has chosen for us.
‘Cause our love has reached beyond the space
Not bound by any boundaries
I know our souls have united
Each time you smile
On my face it gets reflected
I try to visualize your smiling face
In the full moon in the sky
Like you had said once you tried
Visualize me in the moon’s interface
Just to tell you I will wait for you forever
Not only on this earth but in the heaven above
‘Cause I am as good as dead without you my dear
Just to tell you in this life and in many more lives to come
You are and you shall always be my true love

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27 Comments on "Love Forever"

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Ramapriya Nr

A beautiful feeling of love so enriched in her thoughts. written straight from the heart. congrats

Viswas Menon

well written and expressive ….deep and wonderful feeling…
keep it up

Ayndrilla Ghosh

how beautifully put… indeed love is not a thing to be achieved or attained.. it just flows on… keep it flowing! 🙂

Randall Smith

got caught up in this and it carried me along with it. Nicely done

ammu sachariah

Beautiful poem. Love is the essence of life, the inspiration of life . Keep it up.


Lovely !

Natalie Ducey

Such beautiful words…so lovely. 🙂

Siraj Mamatraillath

Love is a wondrous thing and your poem celebrates the joy of love like only a lover can. Keep on writing.

Poet Taiwo Ayodeji Gbolagade

This poem makes me want to love more and more and more! Thank you so much for sharing this heart melting poem. I love it!

Geetha Paniker

Beautiful expression of love.

Laya Sarath

Ohh thats so lovely dear..I mean you have expressed the love in such a wonderful manner ..amazing…


This is such a precious poem, I was captivated. thank you for sharing.

Muhammad Khalid Khan

Wonderful love poem


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