Cancer In My Veins

Cancer In My Veins long poem

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An earthquake in my hearts’ kingdom
Peaks and troughs,patterns were random
Nurses making the fastest moves
Trying to fill my cancerian grooves
Blackening my last scarlet blood drop
Weakening my smooth breaths’ rope
I felt the cracks in closed,transparent, glass doors
Questioning the suspense in hospitals’ corridors
I asked the graceful death angel
To give a few moments to burning of life’s candle

From cell to cell,it is spreading
The leaves of a spring tree shedding
Inside me,some story is happening
Gradually and quietly ,I am realizing
I can feel it in my veins
I can taste it in my blood
CANCER in my veins!
CANCER in my blood

Lying hopeless on deaths’ bed
“Strong young man!”, My doctor said
My eyes keep darting around the door
Every moment, people appearing, in and out
With every single knock my heart beats shout
Examining the butterfly outside the window
Weaving the thoughts in colours of rainbow
Fighting each second with the dark shadow
I am the CANCER patient
I have cancer in my eyes
I have cancer in my hair

My mother ponders if I am ill
With high fever, rigors and chill
My siblings assuming it as a dramatic thrill
My father tensed when encountering me still
They don’t know how quietly the cancer kills!
waiting for the call, when life will shatter
Life worth the soul, it’s the death that matter

Connecting my soul with the body,those dull breathings
Gradually and carefully my cancer heart is beating
My hair,substracting ,day by day
I started liking the smell of clay
With the sunken,yellow eyes
With the weak,lean structure
With the young man equipped with instruments
Gulping the loads of tasteless medicines
With the slightest light ray
Gradually and fearfully my heart is beating
I am the cancer patient
Meet me in oncology ward
With tulip flowers and get well card

Drop by drop, it’s multiplying
Helpless,my few desires are crying
Painful,internal,my beauty is dying
Angel of death,nearby, is flying
Ready, to take me away
Life and death will play
Life is for once, equal for death
Cancerian will combat till last breath
Experiencing the painful chemotherapy sessions
Keeping alive the dying thirst of young passions
Memories are only left
Ready to jump of the cleft

My eyes never blink at night
I fear to lose this lovely sight
That wrong no for Mr Right
Cancer awakes,progressing its flight
I am dark and new day is more bright
Every moment, I am losing my light
Bearing the cancer in my veins
The false blood , my heart drains
Drenched I am,all over with it
Blood is showering, the cancer rains!
The slightest hope engraves within me
The wish to live once again
To celebrate my 22nd birthday
Like a normal,healthy young man
The dimmest light transports me
To assume a piece of dreamland
To live old moments once again
To revive the late night club
To rebuild the love with Lora
Her pinkish cheeks,I used to rub
Her tearful eyes have a solid reason
Perhaps,she knows my cancer season
Blood showering, the cancer rains
My buddies gossiping, pointing at me
Empowering me to join the trip
My mother staring at the flowing drip
Feeling her trembling hands on my lips
One,two and three…my heart beat skips
Different beloved faces around my bed
I was surprised for their eyes were red
I have cancer in my veins

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Fatima Masood

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I am pharmacy student ...recently studying in quaidiazam from pakistan......i believe life as the transition between the soul and the body ...try to penetrate your soul and your life would be Spiritual all over!
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What a poem my heart was tugged by every line. I watched a lifelong friend die with this disease and that is what I imagined it to be like for her and the many people I met on her journey. I used to go into chemo ward with her and all fake—brave smiles I saw. My heart broke for them all. How Lucky i am I thought. Your brilliant poem brought all these memories flooding back.
Sometimes only rarely do we encounter the soul of a departed person—-are we even meant to?

Nikita Mehendiratta

I don’t have words to describe feelings. Exceptionally great work Fatima.

Geetha Paniker

I can relate to the cancer in the cell…veins….one who goes through knows it … great poem.


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