Bed Rest

Bed Rest short poem

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Razor Shells and fleshed-out stitches.
Endless boredom, life just glitches.
Non stop breeding and a circle’s lining,
Eggs incubation, feelings thrown astray.
I don’t need more problems, just stay away!
Adorn a blanket robe like I’m 5 years old.
Still afraid I’ll get a cold,
Pillows for crowns, meds with ginger-ale.
This is the 3rd time this week,
I’ve stood on a scale.
Thesaurus and novels, stack by my bed.
2 more months of this, side effects are constant dread.
Heart beats faster, faster, take this pill.
Insurance climbs higher, higher, another bill.
Months of appointments, sleep in more.
I’d say I feel hollow, but this scar is sore.
“Next time”, they said, I could go out again.
Excitement and anxiety, curse this sin,
I’m better than I ever have been.

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Zachary McCloud

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I have enjoyed writing since my early years in high school and write whatever is on my mind or on my heart. Hoping that as the years pass, my ability improves.
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