Mistakes short poem

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I stopped to gaze
One mistake already made

Moody wind, pale snowflakes
Quite with mysteries
Dark and Delphic secrets
My legs froze, my body still
The ropes of the mesmerizing beauty tangled me
No struggle, no pain
A moment of eternal bliss

Life gave me puzzles
And mistakes are what I made,
To stop, to trust

The snow was covered on the naked land
Like a blanket of white peace
Hand in hand, I and the bewitching weather walked
I looked down its fuzzy and cloudy eyes
Regarded it as truthful friend
So manipulating yet so alluring
Through the gloomy forest and mean density
The weather and I walked hand in hand

To trust was a mistake
To love was another
Life had set out traps
and was chased to them

The unexpected cobbled stones, the crocked path
The darkness turned in
My dearest friend slipped out
Droplets of heavenly rain seemed coming from hell
The weather blossomed in misery and despair
Down on my knees I fell
And deep down my trust fell

Life gave me mistakes
Correction is what I didn’t do
But the greatest mistake I did
Was to then cease and cave in
Life gave me lessons
But I didn’t master in learning
But now where I stand
I see myself as a paint splash
So longing to clean it up
Alas! I just can’t.
Life gave me lessons
And mistakes are what I made
and mistakes are what I made .

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Prajvi Mandhani

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Hello! I am a 12 year old girl and an aspiring poet ! I am a fangirl and in love with Harry Potter , Percy Jackson and Hunger Games !! I am young so my poems might not be well polished but i just write my feeling on a piece of paper because i love doing it ! Hope you like my thoughts written through my poems!!
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17 Comments on "Mistakes"

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Nakshatra Verma

YOU GO GURL!!!!!!!!….I mean YOU rock….. proud to be your bestie

Makaylah Downs

Oh wow, I could not stop reading this. Just wow. I loved it!

ramakrishnan chatakondu

You are a born poetess………neighbours’ envy .….owner’s pride….

Ayndrilla Ghosh

beautiful!! 🙂

ammu sachariah

Beautiful. I love it,

Emily Liang

Your level of maturity surpasses that of your age and puts me to shame. Kudos to you on a good write and keep writing! 🙂

Sukhman Singh

Yaar mistakes toh hamesha kardi rehti ho tum toh faida kya poem likhna ka


sweet sweet sweet….. looking forward to read more of your poems

devanshi GUPTA

ohmy goood i made a mistake !!!!
i read ur wonderful poem just nowwww
glad 2 be ur bestie

Nikita Mehendiratta

Good work.
Very genuine and pious and true. Very well done.



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