I Love This Lovely Pain

I Love This Lovely Pain short poem

Photo by Zane Mulligan

Years have passed,
And days are going on.
I am still standing alone,
Making myself firm as stone.

Engraved in me deep desire,
My heart knows it will ever acquire.
It knows you’ll never come,
But you have my life become.

Body arises , stands and sleeps,
But the tiny heart inside weeps.
Whenever it gets a chance,
Searching for you, it outside peeps.

I dream you are holding my hand,
Tying me from your love’s band.
I know nothing about its benefit and gain,
I just love to live , in this lovely pain.

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Mona Jha

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Life has many twist and turns . Sometimes we are happy and cheerful and sometimes wan and pale , every time you can't express yourself in words then your work your writing can express you . That's why poetry is the best way to express yourself .
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This pain is enjoyable. True.



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