Education Incarceration

Education Incarceration short poem

Photo by Яick Harris

Trapped inside complete incarceration
A false image of self-representation
I am an observer but I am part of the problem

No one is real it’s all an illusion
Altered personalities to avoid exclusion
I try to be true but truth is relative
Kids doped up on Adderall and sedatives

The teachers judge with exaggerated size
As kids fight for nothing awaiting their demise
I am fake here but real in my mind
Standing behind those who lead this kind

The prison has desks but no sinks
Escape… impossible but there’s time to think
I wonder now about life outside of here
The vision is blurry behind the foggy mirror

As cars pass windows with a mocking gaze
Flaunting their freedom right before your eyes
I realize they are a product of this creation
Standing as symbols, a form of demonstration

You await the release date but days are longer here
Incarceration rolls down the cheek like a frozen tear
I want to be free but I am stuck in chains
Trapped inside the cold insanity of my own brain

Still expected to perform, fabricate your mentality
But why fake a smile when others have no personality?

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Kavita Jain

nice observation , education should be to make a person whole and beautifully conscious ,strange we only are taught about Rabindranath , einstein and many more but never allow to change the system the way they dreamed an education that let the person walk in freedom


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