A Farewell To Arms

The hunter is lost in a wild forest,
It’s a moonless night,
Trees are dense; He can’t see the stars,
Beats of his heart race by second to second,
Shooting up, high and high on like frightening roars,
Clouds came to reinforce the terror so wild,
Lightning, thunder, clouds are laughing,
In flashes of lightning he can see the snakes,
And the beasts that run for the prey in dark,
All round he sees the pair of eyes,
That shines like stars in the dance of lightning,
He has a gun and a belt of bullets,
Can it save him from beasts all around?
Can it kill the crawling snakes?
If no, who’ll save the helpless hunter?
In the mud he throws his gun and the belt of bullets,
Surrenders to love of motherly earth,
Resting his head on the stem of a tree,
He sleeps whole night,
And when he listens to the twittering birds,
He sees dawn peeping down the trees,
The pleasant wind is playing with the leaves,
Makes a window to peep out and see,
At a short distance a shining road!

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Wonderful just wonderful. Your command of the English is astounding to me that is.
Oh how good would it be if man give up to mother nature would our world be at peace?
Loved reading this on this morning were the news is filled with fighting all over the globe, and the suffering
of thousands caught up in the fire.


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