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Every poem is special. Every poem is close to the heart of the poet.
Every poem is an experience weaved in verse and expressed with choicest of words.
Every poem is a memory, a connect, an adventure, a piece of life you wish to cherish.

And here’s a chance to give an artistic touch to your poem with the image of your choice.
Click on the link below and search for a beautiful image relevant to your poem.
The images you find here are all copyright free and can be used with your poem without any issue. So just type in the relevant keywords and pick an image to adorn your poem.

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I really appreciate the efforts put in by this group. I had sent one poem to them entitled – “I am taxed extra to live” and they gave a very nice and meaningful cartoon image to it. More than my poem, I liked the way they linked the cartoon to it.
Thanks High on poems team members


Right From The Start

Right From The Start long poem

Since the moment I was born,From the very first start, You loved me unconditionally with every piece of your heart, You changed me, fed me, and rocked me to sleep, You held me close whenever I would weep, Sleepless nights

Never Was It Right?

Never Was It Right? short poem

Never was it right? Or was it always that we needed to try, for own sake obviously. Was it, that we ever wanted discrimination on the complexion. Or was it that we always needed to try, at the behest of

Nothing In Life Is Free

Nothing In Life Is Free short poem

Nothing in life is free! Everything, be it- Love, Work, Friendship All incurs a cost. Nothing in life is free! Love- the dose for sustenance Requires a fidel give and take. Nothing in life is free! Work- the dire necessity

Find The One

Find The One short poem

Cold night, shimmery light, A white lie to the white knight, Broken heart waving good bye, Shadows in the blue moon night. Melancholy in the milieu, And heart beats are drums in the air. In the deep dark night with

Right To Knowledge

Right To Knowledge short poem

Dare to question madness, valiant, ever courageous, interrogate absurdity, what you find vexatious. Never refuse to face unyielding resistance, stay true to your beliefs, remain ever consistent. If there is a price to pay for the right of knowledge, and