Untitled long poem

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He was vanquished
All the same,
Died, like the birds in

Dead is the watchword;
Death was the unholy friend
Longing for some quiet
But there’s a noise inside my head
And the noise is uninviting

The walls are bare
And the smoke is rising;

Papa, Papa are you there?
Papa will you pray for me?
Tell me all ’bout the ghosts
That catch you in your sleep

And the skies were nice the day before
I went to the boulevard to see the sea
But the water was drawn away;
Maybe the water was drawn away from me
The sea and the ocean would not grieve with me

And when he had lifted me up
On his round shoulders
Thin child, strong arms;
He smiled; cough, cough
The child was too heavy
So he had put me down–
And danced with mom instead

And you remember Papa,
When you took me to the ball
Of the man with the silver hands
O, how tired were your hands
O, how worn-out were your feet when it was done;
You raised them to the dashboard,
Socks pink, I can still remember

There were not a lot of people in the boulevard
There were those without homes, of course
Walking, drifting,
Nodding, conforming,
Living, because they had nothing else to say

I sat on one of the benches
The green brown sea;
The water was relentless

The brother and the cub
The father and the son; the brother fell
And the father died

Two days,
Two days before
You said goodbye
You waved but you were never a waver
Two days
Two days later
You were dead
You didn’t suffer any pain
And the doctor said you were cold already

So I sewed my heart and its tiny little pieces
Wished the stars goodnight,
And went to bed.

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2 Comments on "Untitled"

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Nikita Mehendiratta

Very touching. I am wondering if It’s the reality then I hope the poet is okay. As it left nothing but pieces of memories. Very beautiful poem Teegee.
Why the poem remains untitled? Curious.
It gives a brief that it can’t be valued by any word. Which I believe is true.
Want you to confirm.

High On Poems

Congratulations! @teegee_villanueva
This poem has been featured in the Poetry Article we published on Father’s Day. Your poem is listed with the works of celebrated poets. People reading this article will be directed to your profile page so they can read more of your work.
You can read the complete article here http://highonpoems.com/23842/blog/poetry-articles/father-poems-you-must-read-this-fathers-day

May your words reach places and touch hearts through the power of poetry.



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