Social Justice And Chritianity

Social Justice And Chritianity prose poem

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While striving to be a good person and being socially concerned I do
not believe in utopia. I do not believe in the perfection of man on
this earth. I do not believe man can make a just and good society
though he must try. Most of his advancement has been in technology and
knowledge but the reality of his fallen nature always seems to come
through with all of his advancement.
Many today are preaching a social Gospel that does not take account of
the reality of the fall and the devil as a real entity. They try to
say the tools of Christianity can help usher in a better world and
they preach idealistic utopian dreams that are very enticing.
The Gospel message is not to change the world but to receive Christ in
our life and because of this inner change become better people and
citizens and prepare for eternal life. By this we help make the world
a better place.
To me we have very little advancement in lieu of all the war with ever
greater genocide capacity. We as a species are still fallen and seem
to get ourselves in hotter and hotter water. I see secular humanism as
a waning light and many intellectuals do as well.
The Gospel comes to the individual heart not the society as a whole.
God will bring changes that will bring world peace in time but first
there will be major calamities and another great war according to the
Many Christian theologians who have embraced a modern perspective
reject this as well as a faith in Christ based on the Bible. They
preach a social justice Gospel and diminish revelation and
eschatology. The Gospel preaches love your neighbor as yourself while
stating that ever lasting life is coming outside the present world
order; it preaches judgement on the nations before peace comes.
The question is how do we work out social justice amidst these
prophetic evil times?
How do we operate in society while still being a seperate people
waiting for the second coming of Christ? I believe there is a narrow
road where we hold onto Thy Kigdom Come’ while still doing good in the
nations we are apart of.
I will vote and fight greed by universal Christian ideals but in no
way do I believe that we can over come the devil in this dispensation
and the reality is we are heading toward war. If those days were not
shortened no flesh would be saved’. My Christian humanism is certainly
an embrace of personalism and a belief in free will but it is not a
projection of idealism that overlaps politically into a totally free
society because of Christianity causing us to work for justice. God
will bring eschatological change not movements of men inspired by
Christianity. With that being said we still must try to help people
and many times this requires social action. The key is balance.
Gandhi said “people who are religious and know nothing of politics
know nothing of religion”. I like this! I believe helping people is
important on all levels. The balance is the key.
I need to put the ever-lasting kingdom of God first while doing good
while I am here.
Many movements become too secular and loose the vital spiritual
transcendence necessary for moral and inertia. Everything becomes the
here and now with no heaven and hell while other movements and
churches become all heaven. Balance and individuality is the key.
I am a Christian and saved by the sacrifice of Christ dying on the
cross and justifying me. I know I cannot earn heaven by good works,
rituals or so called Holy rites. I also know that to love the Lord
with my whole heart mind and strength and my neighbor as myself is the
law and the prophets. “The least you do to one of these you do onto
me” the Lord said. While I sojourn here helping people is part of my
faith. Some situations require organizations like the Red Cross or
Amnesty International or earthquakes and emergency situations along
with a host of other things. Sometimes we can help people by political
means like Martin Luther King did.
Social justice is not a category or a narrow agenda. Love thy neighbor
as thyself is broad and diverse. If a child of ours is in legal
trouble we help get them a lawyer, if someone is sick we direct them
to a doctor or a medical facility, we shelter, we give food and when
their thirsty we give them to drink. Israel in the Old Testament had
righteous laws that always helped the poor, an example was a field was
to only be gleaned one time then the poor could glean the rest. Some
people think it is only individual charity that should be used to help
people but the Bible clearly states righteous laws and social systems
is part of the picture. Look at the abolition of slavery or women
voting and the list goes on and on. Sometimes people are in systems
that have no voting or protest or democracy but other times we can not
only use individual charity to help but laws that help needy people.
Our faith works with love and righteousness.
I know the key is individuality and letting people choose for
themselves how they can best help, vote or give. I know no sectarian
movement can represent the kingdom of God and Jesus said, “My kingdom
is not of this world”. I also know some where between heaven and earth
good works need to flow out of my faith.
Many who try to merge Christianity with secular movements and
ideologies fail miserably at both. Christianity did not free the
slaves of Rome during the life of the Apostle Paul but many will be in
heaven for eternity. The message of liberation is not one of total
freedom in this world. Even if everyone was so called free and fed
they still would die. The social Gospel will also end up in world war
three if the blood of Jesus Christ is not preached.
I know there seems to be many contradictions and paradoxes in our
struggle for good. Human nature is complicated and man is fallen.
While we cannot usher in the Kingdom of God with social change we are
still told to love thy neighbor as thyself”. We are told that the
least we do to anyone either good or evil we do onto the Lord. We are
told of a coming Armageddon yet we still must try to do good. We are
told of a second coming of Christ and that the entire world will go
into a great tribulation period. Liberal Christianity seems to deny
this and calls it determinism etc. We who embrace the Holy Spirit and
the Bible call it prophecy.
The reality is while in this world we are to do good while never
letting go of our faith in Jesus Christ according to the Holy
Scriptures and trading it in for ideologies of social justice. Beware
of the Angels of Light!

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Joseph Narusiewicz

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I am a documentary film maker and I write the majority of the music for my films. I have my own band and recording and audio-video studio in my home. Much of my music is used in my films. Three of my films are in stores as Dvd's. I also am a poetI am here to meet artists, poets and other musicians as well as other Christians.
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Cheree Scott

Very well stated Joseph. Christ will return and we need to be ready. Yes to Jesus!


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