Guilty Secrets

Guilty Secrets short poem

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Alone in a world of darkness,
A world of eternal pain,
I can’t tell the things I’ve done,
It’s happened again and again.

I close my eyes and see,
The pain that I have caused,
I didn’t even stop to think,
Never even paused.

The guilt that I have felt,
The years that have gone by,
I never stopped to listen,
To my forever internal cry.

I just kept on hurting,
Hurting myself inside,
Kept on keeping secrets,
Secrets I didn’t want to hide.

Why didn’t I stop it,knowing
The hurt that I would cause,
Why did I not let the guilt,
Let me even pause.

Now the guilt is over,
My secrets are all out,
The relief that I am feeling,
I feel like I could shout.

Why did I not tell you,
All those years ago,
Then all these guilty secrets,
I would never know.

The hurt that I have caused us,
Nothing I did gain,
You’ve forgiven my guilty secret,
I’m sorry for the pain!

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John Summers

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I am a father of 6 children who has had a love of poetry for many years.It wasn't until my fire was rekindled by a fellow poet,good mate and a man who gave me lots of advice at the start,Darren Scanlon.In just over a year i have written 50 poems of all types and am hoping later this year (2015) to publish my first book.
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Nikita Mehendiratta

Beautiful poem. Seems as if letting out your secrets to someone who can understand is the way to heal ourselves.



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