Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

Is Beauty Only Skin Deep? short poem

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We have many levels of beautiful
Some are clear and visible,
We may touch an adorableness,
Skins depth though questionable of beauty.

Imagine all the colours see the silhouette,
Lustrous smooth and adorable,
Blush fullness of the lips,
Yet still where is the depth.

She can catch your eye with beauty,
Capture thoughts of desire and wantonness,
From a form full of perfection,
Is beautiful really only flimsiest.

Real soul of love within,
Oozes through the skin,
Can alluring be seen even in ugliness,
Think of real beauteous and then it will.

Is then beauty only skin deep,
It has to layer inwards,
For with ever a monstrous soul,
The bonnie will be unborn……

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Mandy Moran

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enjoy the moment and live every minute like its your last!!!!!believe in yourself anythings possible!!!!I love expressing my emotions through poetry, I hope you enjoy them. Thank you for reading... Mandy.x
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ammu sachariah

” Is Beauty Only Skin Deep” is a beautiful poem which shows the beauty lies inside. It is true.

Savi Mani

Wonderful poem, its true the eye catches the external beauty but it soon fades away and only the beauty which lies within the person is loved and adored……..loved reading it…….


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