Faithful You Faithless Weather

Faithful You Faithless Weather short poem

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She plays in rain like a queen
Such a beauty, such a teen
World dreams yet to be seen
Smart enthralled, lean and keen

Touch of rain is touch of class
Water can be seen in a glass
How can love dare to pass
When beauty is meant to surpass

What all is near and far
Intense emotions are in war
How something dare to be at par
On the sky like beautiful star

From head to toe just as a whole
She has danced like a beautiful doll
faithless weather has touched her soul
Naughty surroundings played thy role

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Muhammad Khalid Khan

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I did Masters in English Language and Literature, LLB, Masters in Educational Administration from University of the Punjab Lahore, I also did Masters in TEFL (Applied Linguistics) and Diploma in Teaching English as an International Language under the auspices of British Council and American Center. I served in PAKISTAN ARMY as an English Instructor .I am a poet and writer. I remained Editor of Pakistan Army Journal, Pakistan Defense Review, Army Green Book and The Rising Crescent..., I published my three books in English Poetry namely Feelings, Chains of Life and Golden Glow..Poetry is my passion not profession
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Akhtar Jawad

The beautiful poem is a proof that a soldier cannot kill a poet.

ammu sachariah

A beautiful poem

ramakrishnan chatakondu

…….just magic ……can you hear my word….
…….or shall I repeat another thousand times just for the sake of my own joy ….
……………pretending still you have not yet heard…..


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