Proud To Be A Woman

Proud To Be A Woman short poem

Photo by Tetra Pak

I may be a mother, I may be a sister

I may be a daughter, I may be a wife
I may be a friend or
I may be any part of your life
You see me always around you
But most of all what matters to me
Is that I am a woman
A woman living, surviving, working hard
I am tender but I am strong
I smile and pardon when people think wrong
The wonderful years of my life I had survived
For me those years have always been a matter of pride
In this men’s world, working like a man
I sweat and I bleed
But it’s love and love I try to spread
Never expecting anything in return
But yet little love, little respect
Little understanding which I yearn
If tomorrow fate comes my way
And God asks me something to say
The only wish I would ask HIM
I wish to be born a woman again
‘Coz I have and will always be proud to be A WOMAN

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5 Comments on "Proud To Be A Woman"

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Viswas Menon

To be a Woman is Great….Happy Woman’s Day!!!

ramakrishnan chatakondu

In this men’s world ,working like a man
I sweat and bleed……
…….extraordinary….. Not the lines…..but the way you fight successfully in your everyday life .

Raghavendran Ramachandra Rao

The title of the poem says all. Yes, I am happy to note that you have made this strong statement. Every woman has a right to be proud, but many of them become servile at the hands of ill-treatment men. It is time they stood up against this attitude of men and showed to the world that they are not weaklings and have every right to be proud of being a woman.


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