Average Joe, The Second

Photo by The Cleveland Kid

I must admit, I have a good life.
I go to a good college, I have pretty good grades,
And every day I can look forward
To socialising with my many friends,
Talking about whatever takes our fancy
Over lunch or a game of pool,
And when I get home, I can relax
With my games, my family…
I can do whatever I want.

But still…
Sometimes, I put on
My monochrome-tinted glasses.
And I start to question my own value.
I’m not the most creative type.
I’m not a successful writer.
I can’t play instruments.
I don’t even play sports.
And I haven’t found love yet, either…

I turn my black-and-white vision to the ground.
Below me I can’t see my own shadow…
It has, along with me, been enveloped
By the shadows of others,
The successes of others.

I want to be successful.
I want to make music.
I want to write a bestseller.
I want to sing a hit.
I want to place my footprint on the world.
And I want to find my special person.
And I’d try…

But the shadow moves with me,
Blocking my attempts to escape.
All I can do is remember.
Remember that despite my good grades,
My friends,
My loving family,
As far as I’m concerned,
I’m still


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Ed Gosling

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My muse is like an excitable dog. It catches sight of totally random things and starts yapping and running around and wagging its tail and WILL NOT STOP until I write a poem about it.My poetry is sometimes based on personal experience and sometimes on other things. Aside from that, I enjoy video games (My favourite game series is Mass Effect) and the popular television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
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