A School Shirt

A School Shirt short poem

A school shirt

is a memoir;

a relic.

I left mine

several years back



the gray box,


Written on it

were friends’ farewell notes

some from lovers

some rubbish anecdotes.

Tattered was its pocket

Ripped were the buttons

Crayons covered the brink

Permanent was its ink.

I found mine




the gray box,


Laden with dust

Sober over the rust

Creating lost causes

Seldom felt bruises.

Dipped in an aroma

Of pride

and hate.

I looked back

and smiled

at a faded school photograph.

I saw there

I was wearing

the same school shirt



the gray box,


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Anikendu Ghosh

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Claustrophobic “me”!!Have you ever seen the old sun setting in a cold country? Or rather; I should put it this way – have you ever felt the old sun setting in a cold country? It’s a little shy, about its presence. In spite of people wanting it to stay – it reacts in a negative manner and bids adieu to the folk. Well, the better part is that the next morning the same “old sun” comes out and does its job, satisfies people, brings on smiles, sweeps weeps and leaves but not in that same shy fashion. All this while, I had represented myself in front of you by the name of – “the old sun”.Just like the sun, I try to keep it to myself a little, but once I hit it off – “buddy, you have got your fun loving friend in need”. My existence to other people is more of a feeling than a vision. The only difference with “the old sun” is that during the night; while it goes to fetch some more smiles, some miles away, I stay there itself. Because I love the long, black, silent night……… …………karon “adhar amar bhalo lage; tara diye sajano amar aakash!” I also live by the darkness and fade by the sunset only to relive every moment of what existence means to “me”.
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Editorial Board

Welcome to HoP.. Like the way you bring childhood memories alive through its connection to an old relic!


Beautifully penned down…


A golden memory penned down by silver… Hats off…

Uns Noor
Uns Noor

Touched to the core ! Reminds of a similar shirt I have in my closet at my home. Such strong memories ! Beautiful memories !

Thanks a ton for taking me back in time.


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