Inara And Drall

Inara And Drall long poem

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Once upon a time in a land far away,
Lived a little girl who was scared of the day,
As evening glow faded she came out at night,
Dancing and singing amidst the moonlight.

Her name was Inara for she was so dear,
Loved by her loved ones both farther and near,
Her parents adored her adorable mind,
Polite and serene and so heavenly kind.

She laughed like a tinkling, trickling stream,
Her porcelain face seemed carved by a dream,
With dimply red cheeks and her curly red hair,
Large blue eyes and lashes beyond all compare.

So precious was she as a baby to all,
Her joy met its end when she met Mrs. Drall,
Who cursed her to night time where none would her trust,
Else walk she in day and risk turning to dust.

Mrs. Drall was a hag of despicable name,
Lost was her grace which lay thick with infame,
Her heart lay so cold as if buried in ice,
Not a thing in existence she did not despise.

Inara who at the time was only five,
Found herself living but not very alive,
Her parents both worked for their measly pay,
Forcing them both to be out every day.

Her granny who loved her came by once a while,
Giving Inara her wrinkly old smile,
She held her and fed her and dressed her in silk,
And left her a supper of warm cookies and milk.

Day after day passed Inara by,
Leaving her nights by the starry sky,
Inara was happy for this was her way,
Never was she cross nor ever did she stray.

She did however feel afraid of the night,
For shadows came alive and they gave her a fright,
But Inara sang loudly to keep fear at bay,
Driving all her shadowy ghouls away.

One day Inara saw by her window,
A child with a lolly tied up with a bow,
She looked at the child who was licking in delight,
And for the first time felt envy at the sight.

She frowned and sat down, crossing arms in dismay,
If only she could go out during the day,
She’d meet that sweet child and lick that sweet lolly,
Oh wouldn’t that be just simply jolly!

Inara made up her mind to ask Mummy and Dad,
But they came home so glum for their day had been bad,
She sighed and laid down on the warm woollen bed,
What use was the daylight if it killed her instead.

She woke up at night with a start and she knew,
She had to face her fears and she knew what to do,
Having dressed up in a shabby overall,
Inara made her way to the house of Mrs. Drall.

She knocked on the door boldly; she had nothing to fear,
The heart of a child is for this reason dear,
A shuffling sound followed by the creaking of the door,
Mrs. Drall laid her eyes on Inara once more.

“What is it you want, you silly little girl?!”
Cried cruel Mrs. Drall with her hair in a swirl,
“Please Mrs. Drall, hear what I have to say!”
Pleaded Inara in her innocent way.

“Make it quick, I’m going to bed!”
Snapped Mrs. Drall as she scratched her head,
“Let me be free so I can play by the day!
Show me some mercy I beg you, I pray!”

“Off with you, you stupid little brat!”
Mrs. Drall shut the door on the face just like that,
Inara said, “I know why you’re so cruel to me,
I remind you of the person you once used to be!”

Mrs. Drall stood rooted with her hand on the door,
She felt as though her heart hit the floor,
She yanked the door open with an astonished face,
Inara smiled sweetly in all her grace.

“Mrs. Drall, I see the way you look at me,
It is not in disgust, just a yearning to be,
I know by sending me away to the night,
You do not have to face your very own sight.”

Mrs. Drall teared up as she struggled to speak,
“Child, can you truly know my unlucky streak?!
I was once desired for I blossomed early,
Wonting and waning made me sulky and surly.

I thought I knew what was best for me,
But ‘best’ is a word that is never to be,
My dreams ran ahead as I lagged behind,
Vanity lost me and I lost my mind.

Seeing you Inara so fresh and so pure,
It brought me more agony than I could endure,
So I cursed you to feel how I live my life,
Banished you to face all the struggle and strife.”

“Mrs. Drall I know you have suffered so much,
‘Tis not I you punish with your envious touch,
You feel so lonely but you need not feel so,
For life is a gift you mistakenly throw.

Let me be free so that I can show you,
All things you lacked together we can do,
Sunlit days are ours for the taking,
Give me your hand for a brand new waking.”

Mrs. Drall smiled as a tear trickled down,
Inara’s presence seemed to vanquish her frown,
“I give you my word and so shall it be,
Sweet child you are now and forever to be free.”

Both child and old lady held each other’s hand,
And walked into the sunrise; a happier land,
The faith of a child is enough to heal all,
Even the icy heart of poor Mrs. Drall.

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Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending!I am a simple, seemingly quiet person wishing to make the most out of life's beautiful (and not so beautiful) things. I think a lot and learn a lot by thinking...sometimes too much for my own good. Try not to take me by face value. I'm a strong believer in love and the inner goodness of mankind (hey! Stop rolling your eyes!), it's rare perhaps, but it IS there! At this point I've stopped trying to figure out how people function, and have decided instead to live for the moment, and go where life takes me. So far, despite the obstacles and setbacks, life has been kind....and in every moment there are so many memories waiting to happen! Is life fair? No. But as a wise friend of mine once said....pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional! So my advice to all those struggling with life: Smile and breathe through each day! Life will unfold in due course.....Sometimes one overlooks the fact that although life is with us, WE are not with life. For now, I live each moment as if it is my that in every moment I can rediscover and appreciate life in all its complexities.
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