Wo(men Insecurity)

Wo(men Insecurity) short poem

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When I walk out in broad daylight,
I am immediately handed with “Stand up and fight” brochures,
persuaded to download the Vithyou app,
begged to join self defense classes
to combat the raging thirst,
of uninhibited audacious beasts.
I am handed with pepper sprays,
which apparently is the most lethal weapon,
a women can own to shield herself,
from the menace of men.
Some men.

After I encounter,
these after effects,
of the rising rape cases,
I voice my opinion,
with shrewd conformity.
I tear the handouts.
I won’t use the pepper sprays,
because I will never buy them.
And I will join classes.
Not self defense but belly dancing.

I will not take precaution,
I will not restrict myself
I will flow,
because I am a river
Not a bridge,
that shouldn’t be crossed.

Why should we surrender,
our rights,
For the unruly righteousness,
of men.
some men.

It’s like asking the police,
to be afraid of the thieves.
It is basically,
the way in which we have been designed,
to conceive the conception,
That the man’s rage,
Shouldn’t be confined to a cage.
whereas a women’s freedom,
should be confined to one.

When it is clearly transparent,
That this felony,
is due to the inhuman instincts
that some men act upon,
why can’t we
limit them,
control them,
restrict them.

Why should we bear the brunt,
of being potential victims,
of some unscrupulous stunt?
performed by men.
some men.

Why should the insecure men,
remain insecure?
Whereas the already secure women,
be confirmed,
to more security.

the need of the hour,
is no more the increase of
women protection bills or councils.
It should be the uprise
of men sensitization programs.
To sensitize,
the insensitive.

Hence with hope I hope,
that this primitive thinking,
witnesses an end.
To lead the way,
to the aisle of rationality
and liberation.

I still believe that
the tables will turn
I still emphasize and believe,
That this
is only because,
of some men.
Some men.

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