I Met Humanity And She Was Blind

I Met Humanity And She Was Blind short poem

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It was a normal day
As they usually always say
With fights alight,
And deaths made right
With masses arguing
And the hunger growing.
Ahh what a sight!
A perfectly normal sight!

I could just not wait
Any longer in this pouring hate,
The loud thundering noises
And silent puddles and sober voices,
So drenched in uncertainty
I knocked the doors,
The doors of humanity.
I always thought of humanity
As a woman
A beautiful woman
With a beautiful smile,
With lustrous skin
And a dimpled chin
With tender eyes
And a kind voice.

But I was surprised
Shocked to be precise
And I must say
As she opened the doors
And stood in the doorway
I let out a whimper, comprised
Of pain and sadness.
For I could see humanity
And she was old
Her nimble fingers clutched onto
The stick of Hope,
Her cataract eyes looking into
The darkness, her wrinkled skin
Dry from despair
Her feeble voice
That could hardly dare
To speak out, to plead
To end this hatred
And see what was in need.

Poor old Lady
Our humanity
I feel sorry for thee,
For dost thou know
What crimes have been committed in insanity,
As they usually always say for humanity?

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Avinash Nair

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11 Comments on "I Met Humanity And She Was Blind"

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ammu sachariah

I met humanity and she was blind is a good poem.

stupendous man

The personification of a lost hope and despair so brilliantly done…

Prajvi Mandhani

this poem is simply amazing!! both the literal and the metaphorical meaning of this poem is amazing !
hats off to you! 🙂 🙂

Niraj Niroula

Extracting the best out of the imagination.

Peter Brinn

I like the repetition of ‘and’ – This is a powerful narrative driven along by a rhyme scheme that weaves in and out of light like a car driving through building shadows! Well done.

Shubham goyal

Awesome poem



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