Semantic Hide n’ Seek

Semantic Hide n Seek short poem

Granted that I say,

What I always needed to;

That the words on which I play,

Might not seem like a game to you.

That the lyrics my brain

And tongue spit out

Should not come to strain,

And I wouldn’t have to yell or shout.

Lover of mine,

Open up your ears and heart.

Sweet light divine,

Let my innocent words be our start.

Today, I showed, is not ours;

Yesterday, wasn’t it either.

But tomorrow, just before it ripens, never sours,

Would grow a love that could never wither.

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Omesh Antonio

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Medical Student, who also happens to be very much inclined to the world of art, more so, the art of words; prose, poetry, etc.
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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Words can not be taken lightly. Was it not that “In the beginning was the word….” and nothing took form without it? The spoken word is an emanation of the thoughts in the mind. And thoughts are supposed to be real, the intrinsic principle, while the physical manifestations only illusions. (Oriental Philosophy)

Editorial Board

Welcome to HoP @Omesh_Antonio..we can see that it is going to be sheer pleasure to have you with us on this journey of words..Your writing has finesse and conveys your intent in a charmingly rhythmic tone


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