A Slaughter House

A Slaughter House short poem

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This poem is dedicated to the twenty one Egyptian martyrs who were kidnapped by the (ISIS) in Libya and slaughtered in cold blood.

Their mothers were waiting ,
their families were crying
their souls were sighing

they were worried about cruelty ,
they were worried about humanity,
they were worried about the future world ,

they died being helpless ,
they died a fearing death ,
they died leaving a challenge ,

was it not a mass sacrifice,
was it not butcher’s play ,
was it not a coward’s game ,
was it not a death of humanity ,
was it not a death of morality ,
was it not a death of fear,

now we have to fight back ,
now we have to mow it down
now we have to meet the challenge

all together we should handle the situation,
all together we should destroy this slaughter house
all together we should protect humanity ,

for that we have to be united
for that we have be brave
for that we have be universally one .

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Sethi k.c.

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A very fine dedication poem to such horrors. Yes the world should unite to get rid of this evil.


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