My Name Is…

My Name Is... prose poem

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My name is just a name to me and you.
It is my name that you need to refer too.
Why would you add things to it when it does not belong.
Knowing these words you add to my name are just wrong.
What makes you assume you can do this,
it isn’t fair to make my name when I was given one already.
Why was I put under this scary curse
knowing that we all are unknown to the world.
My heart… My mind… it becomes disabled with your words.
I told a teacher once. She said, ” Keep your head up high and ignore them.”
how do you ignore something like this.
The teacher told me to ignore something that hurts me.
Knowing many people are going through the same thing, how can you let this be.
People all across the world being called something other than their name
because that person is scared and weak to admit that they are tired of the pain.
Even though they are causing your own.
It kills millions around the world because the people who say that I am,
” Anorexic, a freak, a whore, a bitch, or the little girl who isn’t smart.”
People you’re killing the millions of canvas’.
If you don’t know what I’m saying then stop saying the things
that make me say that you are becoming a murderer.

My Name Is…


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Kacey Plunkett

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I am a girl with a powerful mind that I do not shout out to the world. I am a girl who dreams big in a little world. I am a poet and a music lover. No one can make me change.
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Nakshatra Verma

LOVED THE WAY …you wrote the reality…❤


My name is PAIN, that is what your writing reflected agony ah but with spirit.


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