How Free Are We?

How Free Are We? prose poem

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Though every country in the world has freedom
I don’t feel we are very free
No, not the richest or the poorest, not anybody
Bound by chains we may or may not see
No, we haven’t yet escaped slavery,
Why, look at me-I’m lucky to have parents who love me
But I’m bound by their skyhigh expectations and dreams,you see;
I used to look out of my balcony
And watch poor kids who played by the road,happily,
They weren’t there one cold winter morning
And I heard acute,distant wailing
The previous night had been so cold
The poor kids who lived and slept on the roadside
Had passed away due to frostbite;
I see her bound in the vilest throes of pain-
The young prostitute who lives down the lane,
So pathetic a sight
Is she with her wounds,scars and fatherless child;
Closer home-I see my uncle decapitated with fear and guilt
I know from the volume of his money-it cannot be rightly his;
I have a beautiful friend
When she used to step out-the wild fantasy in men’s eyes put her to shame,
She’s drawn into her shell,afraid to brave
The awe stricken way they gape
Thus,by her own beauty is she enslaved;
I see ministers ,rulers so chained by greed
They’ll go to any length
They’ll steal ,rob, mercilessly kill
For want of money and power-that’s the big deal;
I see people robbed and brutalized to death,
I see nature burnt and exploited-
Thus,even the inanimate hasn’t escaped;
So where’s the freedom,the liberty
After all the wars of independence
And peace treaties and settlements?

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Indrani Saha

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I am a 17 year old girl, living in India.Whimsical,talkative,fun loving,poetic-these adjectives describe me perfectly.I like to write in my free time or when I strongly feel about an issue affecting my society,country or the world.I write to bring about a change in the wrong ways of the world.
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