Insomnia, or the Speculation of the Stars

Insomnia, or the Speculation of the Stars short poem

O sleepless night! I am in love with you!

O youthful night, the belle of the ball!

Thine veritable messengers, the stars, the comets

And the meteors

Arrived on time.

How majestic they are, these celestial bodies!

How magnificent is their canticle in the night!

They are the witnesses of golden ages and falls

Of the ancient empires.

Bloody tyrants, impostors and prophets they know by sight.

Tell me, o Night, wherefore we live and die?

Or do we just lie down and leave time?

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2 Comments on "Insomnia, or the Speculation of the Stars"

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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

A pleasure to read, like the writes of the golden age of old.

Editorial Board

A lilting lyrical piece of writing..refreshing in its lack of despondency even though it speaks of sleepless nights and restlessness..Good Job @Eugene_Kiselev!


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