Caffe Vita. Olympia, Wa.

Boundaries that keep me from you.
Infinite space. We are in finite space.
Spaces that grow and tremble and then contract and ripple
Shattered by my brick like body, red from the sun
and solid from the pressure of holding it all back.

In chaos it is the duty of bricks to smash windows.
Of fire to burn structures and clear the way.
Coyotes on the 12th floor
yollering at the moon.
Sensuous green moss on the stoops.

Loving like chaos a dance of fire and blood
claiming you, me, and us in its belly

I feel the brick flying forward, my tense muscles releasing a death grip.
Smashed windows like screens, for all manner of things to crawl forth.
Dreaming delusion on the streets.
My love will be visions of street kids who took too much acid
and saw God’s face
pecked apart by mutilated crows.
A murder picking at their humanity.

Or the first bloom of spring on Manzanita
born of fire,
bursting in limitless light reminding me to rebuild
to twist, to turn, till all that has past become scars,
emitting power into the void.

Maybe all this madness is the Spring. My body ready to explode
with anticipation after a long long winter
which laid its blanket of snow over summer come and gone.
But in harmony with this planet I feel my self teeming,
expanding with fire.
Dionysian revelry.
furious blood sacrifice to golden disk, hovering in blue.
Be-headed by the priestess of the earth
and crowned with laurel
welcoming the train of births.

The salmon don’t swim here any more.
The wolves cunning hidden deep in the woods.
The great eagle roosts not in the city.

But the wildness stalks around every corner.
waiting, intent on turning you too soil…comfrey growing in the cracks.
Will you let wild love devour your domestic frame
Scream in the night, naked and shameless
emphatic bearded pelvis
wagging with power.

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Chaise Rocco Levy

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Born in Topanga Canyon I found poetry first in the changing of the seasons, the sly movements of animals telling stories with their walks. But it wasn't until moving to Portland, Oregon that I discovered my expression, the welling of words in my self to express the beauty in mundane, the Holy Moments of every day life surrounded by concrete and towering metal buildings. A journey in finding the slyness in the human animals, and the shifting seasons on busses in a great city.
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Editorial Board

@Chaise_Levy Congratulations for winning for the Best Prose Poem in the Freedom Fest campaign! Your poem speaks with the voice of youth, unfettered and unchained, striving to break free of shackles and exercise the freedom to love and be at harmony with the world, shattering norms and breaking barriers! An adrenaline rush but so full of honest emotion and a fluid style of writing where the words simply flow, free and untamed.. An absolute winner!