The Light within the Dark

The Light within the Dark short poem

Dense deep and dark…
what does it mark?
Think the eyes speak?
What do they really seek?
Quiet and calm,
as if darkness is like a balm..
No shimmer, no shine…
is everything fine??
Dark though it be..
Seek search and see…
See if you can find light in the dark,
’cause there’s more to life then just glitter and spark…

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Ayndrilla Ghosh

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A simple human being trying to give back something to the world in the form of art and creativity, for each piece i write is a part of me.
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8 Comments on "The Light within the Dark"

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I enjoyed reading your poem and yes it is so true when the dark hits you
their is always light opposites that is life indeed.

Ramapriya Nr

Very nice

Viswas Menon

“Light within the Dark”…the title simply floored me ….wow…what a great title….so powerful…and all encompassing ….
love the way your thoughts flow….yes …the emotion really flows in your words…keep it up!!



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