A Woman’s Fear

A Womans Fear long poem

Photo by Lucia Whittaker

Deathly silence enveloped the vicinity
As tears welled in every eye
Stirred every heart,soul and mind
That photograph and that beautiful face
Thrown out of existence
By inexplicable desire and malevolence
Now cast a ghostly radiance
In the light of over a billion candles.
I was part of the crowd
Wherein stood superstars,politicians and the most renowned
My vision blurry with smoke and tears
And heart burdened with rage and fear,
Frustration and pain,
My mind raised the same question
Why?Why?Was it a sin to be born a woman?
Why were we considered mere powerless creatures?
Or objects for the satisfaction of carnal pleasures?

She had gone missing for a day and on the next
Her body was found-torn, molested and distorted
The headlines screamed-“Another brutal gangrape”
“Heinous crime”-the Prime Minister said
Candle marches,protests,processions were held
And our country ,always torn apart by violence and hatred
For once ,it felt,fought and cried united
This accompanied by the usual media hype
Who turn it into the likes
of a movie screening
Drowning the pain of the incident into oblivion,
Robbing it of all sympathy and feeling
For some it’s fresh entertainment on television
And there are those who shake their head
At the present affairs of the state
But are too busy in their workplace
To participate in any “real change”
For a few days it’s everywhere-
Newspapers news channels,people’s shock stricken faces
Gossips,political promotions and facebook statuses
It’s a small phase
And then the story passes
In an insignificant number of days.

Was she not considered an equal-with a family,future,rights,dreams
Or at any rate-another human being?
I was another woman fighting for justice
Fighting for the innumerable women whose pain passed unnoticed
Fighting for a woman in danger in the street ,the local bus or even at home
A female not spared even in her mother’s womb
I was another woman fighting
For I was another woman in the street
Who fought every day to fulfill her dream
But with an everlasting fear in mind
Cause her dreams,smiles and life could be sacrificed
At the altar of the intemperate,insatiable desires of man.
Men in power,high officials,security personnel or even family members-whom do we trust
When the blink of an eye could turn them into monsters of lust?

It’s time society stopped warning their daughters
It’s time society started teaching their sons
It’s time we stopped corrupt officials who deny justice
And acquit these sinners citing”lack of evidence”
It’s time people smiled at the birth of a girl
It’s time a man considered a woman his equal
It’s time we started empowering women
And re-educating the infected minds of men.

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Indrani Saha

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Whimsical,talkative,fun loving and clumsy-would describe me perfectly.I write to feel better about myself and take a break from the mundaneness of life.
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Raghavendran Ramachandra Rao

The last 8 lines of the poem need to be thrust into the minds of those callous men to whom women are just to satisfy their carnal desires. The whole mindset of people should change so that the very environment of crime, especially rape, changes for the better. This is a wonderful piece of work that needs to be read by everyone.


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