Shyrene short poem

Once upon my nocturne sorrow, 
As I delineate the morrow, 
Of a dream, flourishing in might, 
To fizzle in the morning light, 
Such when the waves swept me ocean, 
Of glum, beneath skies, cerulean, 
My memory holding serene, 
The fairest woodland nymph, Shyrene; 

As queer apparition, wandered, 
Seems my sanity, it squandered,
When gayly danced on my window,
A pallid dew and a rainbow,
Through the night, and half my bottle,
All my memories they scuttle,
Except the one  I held serene,
That of my woodland nymph, Shyrene;

Here’s that last drop of oblivion, 
In this outpouring of passion, 
Towards sea of nepenthe borne, 
Among the flotsam, now is thrown, 
With enduring squall, still raging, 
And the seething swell, rampaging, 
Yet, in my memory serene, 
Plays my fair woodland nymph, Shyrene. 

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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

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Beautifully lyrical, real good poetry.

Editorial Board

@Reyvrex_Reyes words fail as one is to describe this poem..It is so beautifully crafted in both design and content, Perfect form and finish!

Swathi Rao

And Shyrene would be touched by this poem, as anyone.. Good one.