A Baby Named Almost

A Baby Named Almost long poem

Photo by Raphael Goetter

Something ominous and undefined,
illustrative and versatile.
Something ambiguous,
and something so subtle
it hardly exists.

Almost is all these things and more.

It occupies life around its every corner.
It is the grey between the blacks and whites,
The line dividing
What is
And what could have been,
describing all the possibilities that never came to be.

For example:
Almost is the ‘A’ you
Didn’t get on your last exam.
And almost is that crash you might have gotten into
Had your eyes lifted from your phone screen a moment later.
Almost is that money you could have saved
But instead spent on that really really nice car you didn’t need.
It’s that trip to Hawaii you didn’t go on and that bill you couldn’t pay because you


got that really, really nice car.

(Funny how it doesn’t seem so nice now, huh?)

Almost is the space between lover’s lips
That never had a life together.
Almost is the soldier that died
The day before the end of his tour.
It’s the family that never saw him again.

Almost is the irony of life.

It’s the joke you make to laugh and not cry.

Almost is the word
that might have saved a life.
It’s the whisper in the back of your mind
that would have stopped that last drink
from going down your throat
and stopped that car crash.
Almost is the distance between bodies that could have
held each other close
and kept one another from falling
But didn’t.
It’s that final breath
that would have kept a heart beating.
Almost is the baby
Never born,
Never heard,
Never held.
The man never loved.
The woman never cherished.
The mother with empty arms.

Almost has a million faces.
It’s the proof of events that passed.
Almost is the breath of lost possibilities.
But almost is a teacher
With pain as its lesson plan.
Almost are the things you never did
And the things you could have done,
The eyes of regret scrutinizing you,
And the voice of hope
Holding you.
Almost is the only thing you lose
That will stay with you forever.

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