A Laughing Mirror

I have a laughing mirror,
When a wave of pride,
Far from the humble banks,
Attacks my body,
Attacks my soul,
Disturbs my balance,
I see my face,
In the laughing mirror.

I have a laughing mirror,
When ugliness of someone,
Shuts down my eyelids,
My soul is angry,
Warns and instructs,
Open your eyes,
And see your face,
In the laughing mirror.

Tears come out,
I am frustrated,
How ugly I am!
How selfish I am!
And I am proud of myself!
Shame on me!
Someone whispers in my ears,
You have a plain mirror too.

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2 Comments on "A Laughing Mirror"

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Ha ha Akhtar I laugh then my mirror laughs with me.
No no I get a shock these days when I myself look in the mirror the years
roll into one.
I enjoyed reading your poem.

Chand Ashish

sensibility ….. worded memorably ….
clean thought ….
enjoyed ……


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