Floating dreams

Floating dreams short poem

Photo by Eric Kilby

I built a dream-castle
A castle for my dreams
Filled with myriad possibilities
Each one I showcased
On the shelf of my capabilities
A glass-house built on stormy seas
Under the blue umbrella of hope
I padlocked it with my destiny
Many a times the waves just came
Rocked my dream-boat
And down crashed some of them dreams
But I just filled up the spaces
With more of my crystal fantasies
And I set forth again
In spite of glorious uncertainties
Someday I would find the shores
And anchor the boat
To my unending faith and dignity
But I would never stop dreaming
If nothing, I’ll send little paper boats
Or blow eye-lashes on closed fists
Bearing little wishes written on it
In rains, in winds; all over the city

This poem is part of the Book An Eternal Romantic

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asoke kumar mitra

beautiful lyrical write. imagery perfectly played with the mood.


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